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Happy Birthday Emma by DragonprotectorRyuu Happy Birthday Emma :icondragonprotectorryuu:DragonprotectorRyuu 1 168
(Ghost Hunt) Blackout Chapter 5
Chapter 5 – Recovered
*A few days later*
Lin opened his eyes to see someone sitting next to the bed; he forced his tired eyes to focus on them. The figured stood and sat on the bed and brushed some hair out of his face.
“Lin?” It was a female voice; once his eyes focused he saw who it was.
“How are you feeling?”
“That’s good to hear, from what I’ve heard you gave everyone quite a scare these past few days”
“So it would seem”
“Oh , I almost forgot” She said getting a bag from beside the chair “Didn’t think that I wouldn’t get you anything did you?” She laughed
Lin looked at her and then to the bag. He opened it and found a stuffed Chinese Dragon. He picked the toy up and placed it on his chest as he studied it.
“I made it myself” Madoka grinned.
Lin smiled and began to sit up. Madoka put a hand on his shoulder to steady him. “
:icondragonprotectorryuu:DragonprotectorRyuu 1 1
Uni Folder by DragonprotectorRyuu Uni Folder :icondragonprotectorryuu:DragonprotectorRyuu 3 5
(Ghost Hunt) Blackout Chapter 4
Chapter 4 – Hospital and Gifts
Mai looked outside and saw that the storm had begun to clear up, smiling she walked up to Lin to check up on him. She noticed that his skin was clammy and his breathing was heavier than usual. Frowning she checked his forehead but retracted her hand when she felt a large amount of heat coming from him. “Guys, he’s burning up fast!” She shouted alerting everyone else in the room. Ayako ran up to the sofa and put her hand on his forehead.
“Monk, get an icepack quickly!” Naru ordered
Monk dashed out the room and came back with the icepack and replaced the rag with it. “Come on Lin, fight back” He said looking at the man worried.
“Mai, check if the phones are working again, if they are call an ambulance!” Naru said worry filling his eyes.
Sprinting to the phone Mai picked up the phone, relieved that they were working again. She dialled an ambulance quickly.
“Whats your emergency?” The ope
:icondragonprotectorryuu:DragonprotectorRyuu 0 0
Snowflake (Contest Entry) by DragonprotectorRyuu Snowflake (Contest Entry) :icondragonprotectorryuu:DragonprotectorRyuu 3 2
(Ghost Hunt) Blackout Chapter 3
Chapter 3 – Taking Care of Lin
Lin woke to the sound of people moving around the office, he opened his eyes and looked around. The world around him was blurry; a shadowed figure was looming in his view. He tried to pull back but found his body was incredible weak and there was a weight going along it. The figure said something to him, but it sounded like he was hearing them underwater. Another figure taller than the other one walked quickly up to him and kneeled beside Lin and put a hand on his shoulder. Trying to pull away Lin tried to lift his hand to whistle his Shiki to protect him. The smaller figure put a hand to his head and then mentioned something to the other figure. A wave of dizziness hit him; the smaller figure ran out of his line of vision and came back with something in its hand. Unaware with what it was Lin looked around looking for some way out of the situation, then something cold was pressed against his forehead and on the side of his head. He felt something on
:icondragonprotectorryuu:DragonprotectorRyuu 0 0
Front Cover by DragonprotectorRyuu Front Cover :icondragonprotectorryuu:DragonprotectorRyuu 1 0 Chinese Dragon with Coins by DragonprotectorRyuu Chinese Dragon with Coins :icondragonprotectorryuu:DragonprotectorRyuu 1 2 Baby Snail by DragonprotectorRyuu Baby Snail :icondragonprotectorryuu:DragonprotectorRyuu 0 0 Male Blackbird by DragonprotectorRyuu Male Blackbird :icondragonprotectorryuu:DragonprotectorRyuu 1 0 Grey Heron at Sunset by DragonprotectorRyuu Grey Heron at Sunset :icondragonprotectorryuu:DragonprotectorRyuu 0 2 Lin Koujo by DragonprotectorRyuu Lin Koujo :icondragonprotectorryuu:DragonprotectorRyuu 2 2 Dragon Incense Burner by DragonprotectorRyuu Dragon Incense Burner :icondragonprotectorryuu:DragonprotectorRyuu 0 2 Vapourer Moth Caterpillar by DragonprotectorRyuu Vapourer Moth Caterpillar :icondragonprotectorryuu:DragonprotectorRyuu 2 0 Baby Blackbird by DragonprotectorRyuu Baby Blackbird :icondragonprotectorryuu:DragonprotectorRyuu 1 0
(Ghost Hunt) Blackout Chapter 2
Chapter 2 – The Storm
Mai looked was in shock, Lin was lying on the floor unconscious. “Lin!” She shouted as she ran up him. “Lin, Lin, wake up!” She knelt beside him and shook him slightly. At that moment Naru came out of his office to see what all the noise was about. “Mai! What is all the noise ab……..” He stopped what he was saying when he saw Lin on the floor. He quickly walked up to him and kneeled beside Mai and put a hand on Lin’s shoulder. “Lin can you hear me?” Naru said to the unconscious man. Naru placed his hand on Lins’ back and ran his hand down his back. Mai looked at him questionably.
“His neck and spine seem in line, did he hit anything on the way down?” Naru questioned turning to Mai.
She shook her head “I don’t think he did, he just….” Her voice began shaking. Naru placed one hand on her shoulder. At that moment Ayako, Monk and John came into the room;
:icondragonprotectorryuu:DragonprotectorRyuu 1 0


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